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Camp Standing Closet

Camp Standing Closet


The Camp family is inspired by the lashed structures you might find at a Boy Scouts summer camp. Crafted details and considered proportions help these pieces lend quiet intrigue, organization, and sophistication to your dwelling. Easy to disassemble and take with you, beautiful and functional enough that you won’t want to leave them behind.

The Standing Closet has two solid Hard Maple shelves, ready to be filled with footwear or folded clothes. It also has a solid maple dowel ready for hangers, or blankets. The Standing Closet completes an entryway or bedroom that is missing a closet. It is shipped flat. Assembly is required. Aluminum pins, inserted through the Maple Dowels, are attached to the shelves with screws. All hardware and necessary tools are included.

47" x 11.5" x 72". Top bar is 56" long. 2 week lead time.

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