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Unit Chair Aluminum Rod

Unit Chair Aluminum Rod


The Unit Chair offers simple, unique, and considered design. It plays well in any dining room or living space. This Aluminum rod version uses, you guessed it, Aluminum rods to connect the bent wood parts. 

This solid hardwood chair is hand-crafted in our Cincinnati, OH shop using locally sourced American Ash. The six solid pieces that define the profile are bent with steam, compression, muscle, and patience. The pieces are assembled with Aluminum rods. Finally, the Unit Chair enjoys a massage as it is finished by hand with a natural oil varnish.

Stack-able up to four.

30.5" x 22" x 16".  17" seat height. 8 week lead time.  Sorry its so long, the bent wood parts need to rest for 6 weeks to keep their shape. Patience is a virtue.

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